Metro: Last Light Models?

Hello there! I was wondering if anyone is planning on acquiring (or already has acquired) the models from Metro: Last Light? If anyone could answer that would be great, because those models look amazing. Thanks.

Give it some time. The game was just released a few days ago. I was planning on getting my hands on a few models myself when I have the time.


I don’t mean to sound like an idiot, but I’m new to Gmod, and I still have a lot of questions about modelling and things of that nature. However I’ve been hesitant to ask, for fear of scrutiny. By toolset, you mean the developer tools, right? Also, would using a 3D Ripper produce the same results as using the toolset?

Generally a ripper will tear the model out of the game, but only retain the mesh. Usually they’ll be captured in whatever pose the model is in at the time, and typically without a skeleton… the result is that a ripped model is generally a last resort, since putting a model into a T-Pose and rigging it is very time consuming.
Developer tools on the other hand often allow you to directly import a model from the game, then export them into a useable format, with all of the trimmings included.


This just what I’m looking for, please rip and rig these bad boys.

I was able to use ninja ripper and get the t-pose models of some of the russian enemies, including the weapons. So that works.


The AK, pipe bomb thing, and Red Line soldier. Untextured of course, too lazy.


Not yet, just got to Venice

Just wait till DevCon/Jake releases them. Give him about… a month. He will have them playermodels and everything.


Lol thanks! There’s a LOT of models I’d like ripped, mostly the Rangers, Reds, and the Hanza people, I’m wondering if you’ll be able to do every variant of these. Know what I mean? Anywho, finish the game and get back to me at your comviemce, the game is great in every aspect and the amazing looking NPC models add a lot to it. Thanks again.

I just want Artyom’s watch :v:

The unpacking tools for the first game don’t apply to this one unfortunately, but I found a working extractor off of xentax (scroll down to like the 8th post or something). The .exe itself is hosted on a Russian site so if you can’t read it, run it through google translate.

I hope somebody creates a tool that can extract the textures.####.vfs# files, because I would really like to get a hold of the game’s textures.

that unpacker handles textures too, but a good chunk of them are in a weird format that magicdds won’t convert.

Yeah, just waited till the end. I’ve got the textures. The problem, like you said, is magicdds won’t convert some of them, more specifically the ones that have a c at the end of the filename, like (texture).1024c. I might try emailing the authors if they can update it but their last update of their google code page is from two years ago.

also just a heads up to the guy using ninjaripper up there, it doesn’t seem to nab the UVs in LL properly…