Metro: Last Light (NS) - Водка!

The NutScript framework is required for this to work!

Information: Metro: Last Light is based on the events after Metro 2033. The Dark Ones have been killed, and tensions rise below between the stations.

Features: Working Gas Mask + Toxins, M9K weaponary (Sorry, our metro sweps are broke!), Various clothing items, various factions, ambient noises, M249 mounted gun (can be used for a rail gun), items hidden behind flags (Meaning you need flags to buy them.), Custom menu, Custom menu music, anomalies, and a butterfly knife.

Flags: | V: Weapons and Medical items. | v: Clothing items. | s: Storage items. (requires modified storage plugin) |

Content: I put the content in a collection, but if you want the song to work, you will need to download something from my Dropbox.

Menu Music:
Storage Modification:


This displays most of the features of the schema. ^^^

Download: (Note: It is recommended that you download my modified storage plugin, so players can’t buy storage items freely.)
-developing at the moment, will be up by tonight or tomorrow-

Please post any suggestions or bugs so we can assure we have an enjoyable experience.

Contact me on Steam:

Is this the same crappy quality as NV schema? I hope not.
It looks nice though.

Nope, I surely hope it isn’t. I put a bit more work into this one then the New Vegas.

(unless you meant that clockwork metro 2033 i edited)

Na, I mean the buggy and irritatingly bad swep base you used in your NS:NV schema.

Halokillers sweps.


Use another swep jeez

I hope to have those Metro 2033 sweps fixed, like I said, M9K is temporary and I don’t favor them either.

Use Razborka or Customizable Weaponary’s base.
They’re pretty good.

Alright, I will look into it. Thanks!

Features should probably be displayed better, structure looks exactly like your schemas thread and it’s not very clear or attractive.

Also some more pictures please. And how is a butterfly knife a feature?

I just have to ask, are you using my gas mask stuff I threw together for avox gaming?

Путин бомба взрыв чеченцы

hey we speak freedom on here, not commie

god, i was working on this until you posted it LOL

Oh, I just hope you are using distance, and not ents.findinrect or whatever

I didn’t used distance and findinrect.

Oh, are you using a trigger or something? I’m curious

he’s confused because he made a radiation thing too

player.GetAll() and Vector:WithinAABox(min, max)