Metro Last Light: Pavel

It’s been almost 2 weeks since Metro LL was released. Has anyone began work on the models yet? Basically what I have in mind is for someone to port Pavel Morozov. One of the best companions you will ever meet in gaming.


Still waiting on working importers for Last Light’s model formats. - Converts the .2048 files to .dds - m2033plugin for .MESH and .MODELS - Unpacker for Last Light

Edited: I am working on models myself, I am just bad at making materials. There is no known fix for the .512c and .1024c. Hopefully someone will make a fix soon.


it does for me, only problem is that you cant get the eye texture till there is a known fix for the .512c and .1024c.


and I have a question where to put this plugin to mesh and models or how to fire him because I do not know you can do to help

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and the plugin file sting he is only in for 3ds Max 2012 and by 2010 it is because in addition to not know how to start it or turn the fucking fire as mesh size and model as my blood flood thanks in advance for your help

Not to be mean, but can you speak in some English terms? I do not understand what you said at all…

I was going to post this in the other thread about successfully ripping textures but was too lazy then. I’ll explain how to convert texture files as easy as possible.

First, you need the unpacker tool, which you can download here. For those of you who can’t read or understand Russian, run the page through google translate. You have to view the ads first before it gives you the direct download link.

Place this .exe in your game folder (the same folder where the game executables are). Just double click and run the tool and wait 10 minutes to do its thing. It will convert all the assets into the “content” folder.

Then, you must have the converter tool which converts textures from 4A format to .dds. Get it here. Using the tool is pretty self explanatory. Just choose the directory with the textures in it and run it.

Once you extract and convert everything, you’re almost ready to go. What you might notice is that texture.1024 can convert successfully but texture.1024c can’t. It’s because files who’s extension ends with a c means it’s compressed, so you can’t directly convert it.

What you need is a tool called Crunch (used for texture compression). Download the latest here and extract it to wherever you want.

You need to rename the compressed 4A textures into a file extension this tool will recognize. Take texture.1024c and rename it to texture.crn. Then run command prompt from /crunch/bin/ folder. Now you must type:

crunch.exe -file Disk\Path\To\Directory exture.crn

What this does is decompress the file back to .dds and after that, the texture should be usable and will be located in your /crunch/bin/ folder. After that, however you port the model is up to you ( 3DS Max 2012 x64 import plugin - ).

I hope this helps.

Sources: :
Crunch :
Dmitry : from

oh I understand and I have such a question, you can add some screenshots and explain to me how and where to place the file m2033plugin for. mesh and. MODELS because I threw it in 3ds max 2012 to the plugins folder and nothing at all to max does not want to open the mesh size the subway or something I’m doing wrong or do not know something you can do to help me because I’m white I mean I want you here explained how to use this plugin in 3ds max m2033plugin_3dsmax12.dli normally opened to the mesh size thanks in advance

Why do I need to add screenshots lol. The instructions are really easy to follow.

And I can’t help you with the importer because I’ve never ported models before, just textures.

I got those stuff ripped from the Metro. Still, I need to correct some shit.

ok not to be screenshots and maybe you do not know something about this plugin and in addition may not know how you must have this plugin system which makes no difference whether

If you want to batch convert all the textures you can do the following:

  1. Download this batch renaming utility and exchange the suffix “1024C” with “crn”

  2. Place the crunch.exe and this .bat file in the top root texture folder and run the .bat file

All the renamed *.crn textures will be converted (not moved) to .dds in their original folders (the original .crn will not be deleted).

Thank you. This will definitely make my life easier.