Metro Redux Raw Models & Textures

Hey everyone, quite a bit ago I unpacked the Metro Redux files, which had a different compression method than the original 2033 or Last Light games.
I didn’t look through any of the files to compare the textures the originals, but I’m assuming that they’re better than the original games’ textures.

Nonetheless, here is a dropbox link for all the models and textures.
Here is a dropbox link to just the weapon models and textures.
Here a Mega link to all the models and textures.
Here is a Mega link for just the weapon models and textures.
What you’ll need:

  1. A copy of Maya or 3DS Max. I never worked with Maya, so I don’t know how well it works with these models.
  2. Importers. There are only Maya and 3DS Max importers (sorry to anyone with Blender or something else!). You only need to download the importer for your modeling program, the other downloads are for unpacking (which you won’t need to use, I’ve done it for you.)
  3. Winrar or some other .rar extractor.

No pictures because I’m sure you all have an idea what everything looks like, and I’m too lazy to take any.

Some notes:

  1. Unpacking the meshes gave two file formats, .mesh and .model, of which only .model is needed. Trying to import .mesh files crashes 3DS Max 2012 (and I’m assuming any version of Max), except for a few static models which had literally no difference compared to the .model format. I don’t have Maya to check if it happens there as well, but as I said, here’s no difference even if you could import it. I only included the .model formats in the download link.

  2. Some textures are completely useless, such as lighting and other effects, but I included them anyways if someone wants to mess around with them.

That’s it, have fun everyone!

Can you maybe upload the archive to Mega ?

Any possibility of getting just the weapons as a separate upload? It’d be nice not to download everything just for those.

Though regardless, I’m sure this will be very useful.

OP updated with dropbox and Mega links, including weapons-only download on both sites.

thanks for the redux stuff, made a khan with that n the 2033 parts

Holy crap, I hope someone is willing to port all the models over.
I’m not sure though if they just use the same model library as in 2033 and Last Light.

Now if only someone found a way to unpack and import the animations for characters and weapons, then I’d be a happy man :v:

I’m kinda sad to see that they didn’t change up most of the environment pieces

I dont see why they would need to.

I’m really interested in the foliage models. They’re pretty high quality.

A question (that maybe can be stupid)…is there the Valve rifle, or is it called in another way?

The model is listed as “ventil” and the textures are in a folder called “wpn34_gun_01”.

Thanks. A question: when I try to install the plugin on 3ds max (my version is the 2016), it appears this error .
What can I do to avoid that?

Either learn to rewrite the importer for the 2016 version, or have someone else rewrite it for you. I didn’t write the script, nor do I know how to do so.

Solved. I’ll port the models as soon as possibile. The negative note that I found until now is that the bigun makes crash 3DS because of its dimensions, the rest seem all ok

Mi puoi spiegare come l’hai risolto? Io ho 3ds Max 2013 e non ho la più pallida idea di come farlo funzionare.

ON TOPIC: Epic release dude, thanks.

Devi scaricarti la versione precende, ossia la 2012

do these work with sfm? if not maybe get ported to sfm?

Sorry to bump this, but is there any importers for max 2017? Trying older versions of the importers wont work.

Unfortunately not, the guys who made the importers have stopped working on this sort of stuff for quite a while. Ifyou know someone who has written scripts for both old and new MaxScript versions, your best bet is to ask them to translate the old scripts to the newer format.