Metrocop attempts to save Melon

"Damn it, #043 always said ‘retrieving is easy’, he NEVER mentioned 20 foot long crocodiles being in the way!"

My first real pose using my new more powerful PC!(I’ve done tons of other pics, this is the first one with my new PC,hells yeah)
I didn’t install photoshop on my new PC yet, so this is unedited. And there is something wrong with the metrocop’s arm area, I wouldn’t know, this is the first time I used the Metrocop!

-In game, I lowered all my gmod graphics to low, and then again back to high on everything, with minimal lag!
-I used that District 9 map
-Jeff likz melonz
-There is a dead guy who is there because he is. Jeff did not kill nor eat his head
-I love my new PC very much
-gm_atomic is still a bitch to my new pc
-On my old PC, GMOD would have crashed from loading the map, spawning the models, editing my graphics in game
-Rate me hearts if you love watermelon and Jeff, rate me boxes if you like metrocops instead

haha nice

That alligator model looks awesome. Where is it from?

Rate him funny for the metrocop trying save the melon.

From Resi-Evil 5, and S-Low ported it to gmod, and did NOT charge money for it.

This time… :ninja:

I was expecting something halfassed.

Got my photoshop up, I just did some small edits.

The Metrocop seems to almost have this look like, “Come on, BRING IT!”

Funny pic:smile: Better shadows on the edit version. Tried to locate the alligator without any success.

I like the original more, probably because I hate SHEFing with all my heart.

“Lets see, save the melon and I won’t have to have oat meal from the paper bag again and risk the chance of being dinner for this scary looking thing or just put up with the rubbish meals.”

I’d grab that melon rather than eat oat meal, good job!