Metrocop Backgrounds

Some backgrounds I made with the new and awesome Metrocop models.

Use em if you like.

Good work,but weapon in 4th background is not belongs iHalf life Universe.It is cs weapon ı think(AK-47-U?)

Thank you.


It’s a Scorpion.

And metrocop in first background is belogns to Half Life Beta…

the rim lightning is overkill in the citadel pics

By overkill you mean horrendous?

Some look a bit filter-raped, but all of them are pretty cool.

Who cares? Default HL2 weapons look pretty crappy so why couldn’t we use higher quality ones?

plus the setting of hl2 can be ukrain or russia theres alot of reasons why its a scorpion…


Theres no such thing as an ak47u you mean ak74u? :confused:

1st picture:
Left metrocop’s posing is off.
I like the choice of model with the one pointing the gun at the screen.

2nd picture:
Rim lighting hurts
Is that a random blood splatter on the ground?

3rd picture:
Again, painful rim lighting
The left metrocop’s right leg looks bent (As if he’s running to the control panel). I’m not sure if this was on purpose

4th picture:
That ass is stuck out
His left hand should either be holding the gun or in some other position (He looks a little queer)
Weapon choice is fine

5th picture:
Rim lighting (again)
Left cop’s chest seems too far out
That’s a HUGE silencer (Not your fault I guess)

But posing’s actually not that bad

They’re all too dark.

Work on your posing, you have potential.