Metrocop Hands

Hi, everybody. This is my THIRD thread regarding this. My old one was pushed into the nothingness of hell. Anyway, I’ve been planning to make a first-person machinima series where the main character is a Metrocop, and I want to use CSS and HL2 weapons. So I was wondering if anyone could remodel the Counter-Strike hands and the HEV hands to be Metrocop hands. If so, thanks A LOT and I’ll be sure to feature you in the credits. :smiley:

There’s a hack way to do it, not that I know how to do it though.
…or you could get someone to make a rig and make them recompile all the weapons onto those hands.

I don’t want to know how, I just need it done. :confused: I would do it, but I’m a dumbass.

I found some hands on their own (with bones, so rigged) in the SDK smds, if thats any help.

Are they metrocop hands?

Not a clue. Would combine hands work i’ve found a combine hand reskin for the HEV suit hands and hexed some stuff with them and they look pritty good.

Uggggh, I saw those. IMO, they’re not that good. Plus, the Machinima I want to make is about a Metrocop, not a Soldier/Elite.

Sorry for a bump but
hope your alive this is what you wanted…