Metrocop Shooting

'Sup with the blue?

That’s a whole bunch of smoke for a SMG and it looks like you used an NPC.

Well, the face looks way too low quality and there is a physical gap between the muzzle flash and the muzzle. It would also be nice if we could see what he was shooting, at least put in some props to make it seem less bland.

There should be a shadow of the smoke.

The editing on the MetroCop overall, looks crappy. But, if he isn’t an NPC, then you truly have posing skills. MrFantasticool is right, there needs to be a smoke shadow. Also, the muzzle flash has to be closer, and the smoke tuned down a bit. Kinda like this size:

(The two on bottom)

Keep working and you will get it!!

He could be using incendiary bullets.

hes obviously shooting rebels.

I spy NPC?