Metrocop Skins Pack

A pack of different colored skins I made for the metrocop.


  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Default



No offense but it sucks. No seriously! If you wanna make good skin add more effects, and reskin whole model not just paint bits of it.

Actually I see good uses for it. The colors can stand for ranks or class(medic, and ETC)

i like these not gonna lie

Clone Troopers?

Or simple team colors I guess. Are these even hexed?


I’ve seen this exact same pack, except more colors. So this is a remake. I like it, I don’t know if there is much use for it. I think they could be used for a mod with team colors.

Make them seperate npc’s

Oh, then let’s see you do better.

Well first of all, I am not re-skinning anymore.
Second: I am making models and maps now, not re-skin.