Metrocop Squad defending positions

I think the pose on the Metrocop on the left is perfect, although is there any reason they’re using modern weapons?

What I think it needs most:

  • Lighting
  • A replacement for that concrete barrier
  • Futuristic weapons rather than modern ones
  • Higher quality graphics (did you take the screenshot on low?)

1)Ok i’ll work on it.
3)They use bullet weapon in HL 2.
4)It’s high man.

Kind of hard to take advice from someone who just recently made an account(and a beginner with posing) and only 15 posts, probably hasn’t even been lurking around long.

1)Light isn’t too bad.

2)Concrete barrier is fine.

3)What weapons they use? Who gives a shit it is your screenshot if you wanted them to all have musket rifles you can.

4)The graphics seem fine other than a bit of AA.

  1. That one metro-cop looks a bit shiny, not a big deal though.

  2. Using Super DOF or at least DOF might have helped.

Doesn’t look bad over-all.

The colour and direction of the light looks a bit weird.

Doesn’t mean I cant give it. And I’ve lurked plenty, thank you very much. :C

I just don’t think the modern weapons and concrete barrier fits with the combine patrol theme.

The post(mine I mean) sounded more assy than intended. I’ve started posing myself but I’ve seen enough pictures to be able to atleast pick out some stuff. Not as good as those people with hawk-eyes that can see an error that is the size of a pixel.

I guess I can see what you mean by combine themed. Should have used the combine barriers(withe the forcefield things) and maybe the weapons from this pack:

Jpeg quallity is awful

just because he’s new doesnt mean he’s a retard with no opinions.

HOT defensive action eh eh

Shadow on the armored scanner looks real weird, but thats more of an engine problem than anything


also modern guns unfitting but fuck that we’re entitled to our imaginations and artistic license