Metrocop walking into a old abandon house.

Scene build. Hope you guys like it.

Everything’s pretty good except for the matte gray floor dominating the bottom of the image. You should try to find a way o fix that

Where is all the roof and wall debris?

You darkened the whole picture, which results in gray highlights, also known as The Thing That Burns Your Eyes. Why?

The scenebuild isn’t too bad, but the angle leaves too much empty space.

I haven’t done much scene build, posing, or editing in a few years, thanks for the c&c guys, i’ll work on those few problems and fix it.

Also Joazzz I was going for a dark/deathly look. I’ll try something else next time.

Thanks again.

Try to use this tool, so you have more materials:

Also, you should use SDoF instead of DoF.

Thanks pMnky! I appreciate that alot! I’m gonna give it another shot, I forgot how enjoyable posing is.

Who saw Barney from HL1?
Anyway this is cool, but fix the floor’s colour

Barney was my bodyguard…I get paranoid on flatgrass for some reason.