Metrocop walking through trainstation

This was supposed to be for my first comic, but I scrapped it. Just something I thought I’d share with you guys. Practicing lighting.

And oh yeah, since it was for a comic, I didn’t bother to remove the NPCs in the back, sorry about that.


I expect less of you!

Looks good.

orly :v:


Rim lighting looks a tad strange to me.

There is no light behindhim that could create that rimlight :3 Other than okay. Just add white overlay soft-brushed dots in the eyes.


Also, a bit undercontrasted.

Updated version with rim-lighting removed, a bit more contrast and some other lightning effects added.

Just reducing the opacity of the rim-lighting by, say, 50% or so would have made it better

Damn it :frown:

ey, the rimlight was fine, you could have just added some stronger light source behind him… why remove it.

Because it’s dumb and overused anyway :v:

I was trying to scroll to the sides and I was getting really mad because I wanted to see the whole pic, I was about to restart my PC… Then I realiced the picture was really small.

Looks nice but the glowing eyes look abit silly.


I dont like the eyes, looks like you did it in paint
posing is really nice

Nice, MasterFGH, but i liked old Zerax’ version more :wink: