Metrocop Zombies, Rebel Zombies, and Soviet Era Combine Soldiers in Source 2!

Hi! I’m paradox and I like to make stuff for Half-Life: Alyx. I can make maps, kitbash models, do texture work, and much more. I have done work for the popular Alyx 007 Goldeneye maps. I have made custom soldier and golden gun textures for their mod. I also do work on the upcoming Alyx Mod, Anti-Citizen, which is set to be a full-blown Alyx campaign with unique environments, characters, and new enemies. Some of the new enemies seen in Anti-Citizen are the Rebel Zombies and the Metrocop Zombies, both of these function in-game as actual NPCs.

I would like to get early access to S&Box so I can mess around with the unlocked features of Source 2 as Alyx has many tools but they are somewhat limited. Source 2 is by far my favorite engine to work with and GMod is one of my favorite games. Therefore, having a game like GMod on my favorite engine is a dream come true.

Images of my work:



Man those combine and zombie models look sexy! I also like the radio tower a lot, it gives me a bit of Firewatch vibes. Keep up with the great stuff!

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Looks so cool, especially the watchtower. Aren’t the textures a bit messy on the soldier pointing at something on the fourth picture ? Could be the lighting, idk, but looks promising !

it was the lighting on that render, appreciate the response!

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those screenshots look stunning my dude, good job :smiley: