Metrocoppa' holding a BAR



caps lol, editing test and party sausage cake mixture in vanilla icing.


Love it mate!
Looks like the combine is in hell lol!
Rated artistic!

Good solid pose, I like this one quite alot, nice gun positon too, tad bit of clipping do i see on the hand nearest the mag?


Lol you created an acount to post this?

Right hand isn’t really touching the gun only the index finger is,agh predicting someone is gonna complain that the fact its a B.A.R.Please dont post a comment if you are gonna say it…

I need general ways too improve on the editing side of things.

Maybe a new skill I have yet to know.

Thomo your generic shit is different.

Just seems a bit different from everything.

Maybe try removing film grain. I think it might make it look more smooth , now it looks a bit to sharp imo.

That’s a sexy pic!

the white glow at the bottom dosent fit this , i think if you take that glow out itd be nice,.

Looks nice.

sweet avatar thomo