Metrocops Surrounded by Zombies[/media]

Yeah not really original, but I enjoy it too much.

Kudos to CptLemons for the special effects in the first image.

It’s nice, my only complaint is that the angle at which the CP (wearing his gas mask) is holding his gun, which looks strange. It’s very good though!

You should have used a custom revolver model, that one is so horribly low quality.

Indeed, I never thought about downloading one though. Maybe I’ll retake it with a replacement.

I like it, you should have used SuperDof instead of SimpleDof which looks fugly. You can make it look decent (SimpleDof) if not cool by setting to the minimum one of the sliders, not the one to make it more distant, the other one. But you’ll soon figure out it fucks up the lightning on the characters if you use lamps and will stick to Sdof.

So overall, good work, would fap again.

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also love angle and smoke

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and posing