[Metroid] A Bountiful Meeting

*“Well now… Ms. Aran, you should’ve known so much better than to follow that distress call to such a familiar old place, let alone respect the request to show up unarmored… Your emotions get the better of you far too often, it seems… Either way, you’re the vengeful type, aren’t you? Such luck that we share something so powerful, against the same entity no less… I propose we put our past conflict behind for the time being, and get right down to… business…”



"Oh, and I would advise you put your weapon away, Ms. Aran. I’d much rather sit here and relax than be forced to slay my only chance at proper vengeance… Not that I would have a problem with it otherwise. A little bloodsport is always entertaining, after all… So, what do you say, fellow hunter? Care to get some help against an old nemesis…? Because I know exactly where Ridley is hiding… And with the both of us against him, it would be almost unfair…*

Been playing WAY too much Metroid lately. And since Hunters is one of my more favorite games in the series… Why not have a cameo from it?

If it isn’t too apparent, Weavel (the guy in back) is supposed to be sitting back in his chair, having just revealed his plasma blade to drive the point home that attempting to start a fight would be a bad idea. I should’ve used a different chair, I regret my choice now.

Also tried for a cutscene look, complete with dialog. It’s a bit wordy, I know, but I felt like setting the scene would be important.

Nice lighting.

It’s got a good atmosphere about it. Could have lessened the blur a bit, and I’m not entirely sure what the floating circles around the blade are.

Still, I like it.

Probably energy coming off it.

Dust/lens dirt bokeh. Said meeting place is pretty run down and old.