Metroid Other M

Hi there :kiddo:

Managed to get to grips with how to run Dolphin (Wii EMU) and 3DRipperDX. Originally the ripped scene came out flat as a pancake, but fixed that (FOV thing).

And managed to rip some poses of Samus from Other M, at the moment I aim to rip Samus, GFed troopers and a few couple of enemies, I can do requests as well though :stuck_out_tongue:

These samus models aren’t rigged, so if someone wants they can rig/t-pose them into a ragdoll :slight_smile:

One of the poses in Milkshape:

Test Render in Model Viewer, fiddled around with phong and bump maps (Built in ones are in a odd format not your average bump map for sure)

ZIP containing textures and models:
Part 1 :

If it will help any, Metroid: Other M has the common model format used for most Wii games (MDL0), so you can use this program to extract the models in a T-stance to a PSK file, with the rigging intact.

It does? Oh cool, ill get to ripping t-posed version then :slight_smile:

Ah just seen your helpful thread there:

BRRES archives eh? I’ll have a look into it and extract whatever I can (If i can get it working) :slight_smile:


Not sure why there were no bones exported, ill try re-exporting though

Wait , how the hell did you get the game!?
Plus because I’m a serious as fuck metroid fanboy , I will have to depart this thread as I do not want a single thing spoiled.

It is already released in America.

That’d be why there were videos on it…
Oh well. On friday I’ve “begged” my family to go to the nearest town and get the game for me to complete as soon as I get home

Models of Win, Can’t wait to see the finished product.


For the love of god rip Anthony Higgs.

Remember Me?

Damn, keep this up man.

Is it just me or did her breasts suddenly become much larger?

God bless Team Ninja.


ok… youve harrsed me with this on msn god :S, still egh what happend yo hayley williams that you were meant to rig !!

Team Ninja, God bless. I’m on the fence about this though. I started with MP:3, so I’m not really set on this kind of action. Also the wrestling moves seem so out of place but that’s just me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go search for more Samus porn.

This be metroid thread, get out :L haha, ill release when ready, at the moment just mainly focussed on this.

I’ll try and attempt to rig Zero suit samus using rig she come’s with.

Rest of the models, ill release in a pack with textures and stuff included to whoever wants them :D.

Edit: Well fine n dandy with getting her into Source working fine, just about todo physics model again, seems to keep placing the hip part onto the hair as well.

Hair has jigglebones, breasts do as well, same jigglebones used as the SSBB model, so works fine n dandy :slight_smile: Will be released VERY soon :smiley:

Does she have moveable shoulders unlike the SSBB version?

If you ask me, I say you should compile all your models in a separate folder, such as models/otherm/zssamus.mdl. That way, if someone else had a model called “samus.mdl” in the root models folder, it won’t get overwritten.

(QUICK EDIT: In fact, looking through my models, there already is a “models/samus.mdl”. So, if someone were to install yours, the other one would get overwritten. You don’t want that, do you?)

Yeah, i will change it to that as suggested, don’t really want people overwriting other people’s models, thanks for that.

What about the motherbrain is there a model around from the metroid the other m I really likne that one.