Metroid Prime 1-3 Models

Hello, i’m interdpth, i’m not exactly releasing the models themselves, but a program to help get them, I and a friend of mine made this program over the course of a few months, I just wanted to learn how to program in 3D, and r/e MP since the other model viewer person was a butt and never released, I went and made mine open source.

It is available at
The lighting is messed up as I was researching that, but you can take it out of the source.

It views all textures for all the games, Models for MP1 and MP2(demo disc as well) and areas for MP1.

You must have the original files from the .pak to use it.

A mod can do what ever with this thread, I just thought this forum would like to know.

If anyone would like to be a project committer, please e-mail me.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


You realise this is the RELEASE section?

Sniper: What a troll.
Wizard: Yes I released my application which can get models, which someone can then conver the models to for use with GM.

I do not see a problem.

As I can make a thread about everything related to model releases.

He means you should have posted in the models section not the releases section. Any way commenting on what you have so far, it looks rather nice. Hope you find some one to rig the models.

This section is for prepped Source models. Sorry, but you are in the wrong section.

i could have used this a long time ago when i was porting metroid prime models…

Ungrateful guys. You could say “thanks” at least once!

is this compatible with games OTHER than the Metroid Prime games? because I’d like to be able to extract models from other games to rig (or have others rig, due to my inability to use 3D modeling programs to convert things to source.)