Metroid Prime 2 model request-- please?

No one goes on this forum section. But if you are here to fulfill a request then do this one please.

Can some one rip a Dark Space Pirate Commando form Metroid Prime 2 PLEASE?

These are all render images so I imagine these models are possible to rip. Or if there is a render around here, send me a download link in this forum please. Thank you.

BUMP some one please respond!

Unnecessary bump is unnecessary. It’s only been a short while since your request was made, and people are usually busy with other projects of their own. And besides, it’s not like this would be properly done in just a few minutes.

I like the actual design of the model, so I support this request but like Katra084 said please don’t bump a short time after a request is posted.

I got to excited. Oops. I wouldn’t be surprised if my bump got 33x dumb rates. As you can see I am new to this place.

I’ll have to look through my old files, but i’m sure this model was ripped and i still have it.
Wait for my next post.


man i want the soldiers made too