Metroid Prime Arm Cannon (.3ds, .obj, etc)

Before you flip out and ban me, I’ve been doing searching on the forum but all the threads come up with is dead links. It seems they’ve changed the URL scheme and a lot of the old posts now have invalid links.

So I ask politely, does anyone here have a rip of Samus’ arm cannon? It could be any Metroid Prime 1 - 3. Thanks in advance.

Well, I don’t know about rips (this is NOT supposed to be a forum for all-purpose modeling), but the port of the armor from Brawl (located here, I believe) includes the armor in pieces. From there, you can use a decompiler to convert back to .smd, then use a normal .smd importer.

What do you need it for?
I got allmost every file medrop posted here and also modelled my own armcanon model too.

Still needs a good normalmap applied, but it’s fully rigged and ready for animation.

The problem is, i might need it for my own purpose and do not really want to share it unless you are able to convince me it’s for a good purpose.

Well I was going to make a 3D Metroid game being a huge fan of the franchise, is that a good purpose?

It’s a good purpose if you actually have the assets and skills to pull it off without giving up the first few months of development. Project Valkyrie was going to be a multiplayer (and possibly single player) Source mod that was heavily influenced by Metroid Prime, but it ceased development after the first public beta was released. Not to mention the team behind it was very talented and the mod itself had tons of potential.

Anyway, cool model, WMxKraid. Do you have the other variants aside from the Power beam (or is that the plasma beam)? The Wave beam was in my opinion the coolest looking.

I have the programming skills, but what I don’t have is the skills to model or create textures.

Me and a few other ppl are working on a Metroid mod, too.
What engine are you planning to use?

@Nub: PV had more then one release. The latest version was Public Alpha 1.2 (RC2).
Strange version naming for sure because prior to the Alpha (RC2) releases there was a beta 1 (RC1).
(RC = Release Candidate).

Sadly there are not really many ppl playing it anymore, allthough i got a server up and running which is even featuring some new maps (own creations and altered versions of maps from other source games)
The TF2 server update which broke all the orangebox based mods might also prevent ppl from playing, since you need a little workarround to be able to see and join my server.

As for the beam, it’ll be animated to morph into all the different beams, just like in prime.

I wasn’t going to make a mod, I was going to make a full blown game. My tool of choice is Unity, it’s not a resource hog like Java and allows for cross-platform deployment.

Unity is a terrible engine, use UDK or Source.

We’re using UDK now, allthough we started on source our former programmer let us down.
Without a good C++ Coder it won’t be possible to make this kind of mod on source.
Also the tools are somewhat outdated and even if valve will update them anytime soon, i’m sure they’ll fuck up the whole SDK a few times again.
UnrealScript is also very powerfull, the UDK is much more advanced in terms of handling the assets and the model based mapping is much closer to how Retro did the Prime games.
Oh and you’re able to release it as stand alone and don’t have to own a game which is using the engine just to play a mod based on it.

As for Unity i don’t know much about it, but if you wanna make a full blown game for several plattforms, it would be better to choose something not based on a franchise of a big company such as Nintendo. Just in case it turns out pretty well and you wanna sell the game to make money.

PV is a good example, they once were a Metroid mod but Nintendo told them to stop using their IP.
I guess they just developed the mod at the wrong time. (Prime 2&3 still in production, MP: Hunters on the DS)
Anyway, there’s no Metroid content left in PV but it’s still heavily inspired by it.

Not sure if trolling or just an idiot. Unity has a far more friendly UI as opposed to UDK which hasn’t changed at all since Unreal Tournament 2003 and yes I’ve used both enough so I’m not just talking out of my ass. Just because it was used to make badass games doesn’t mean every game that comes out of it will be like so.

I could care honestly care less about making a profit from it. I just like Metroid and have wanted to make a fan game for a long time now.

It isn’t about the friendliness of the UI, it’s about the capability. If you attempt to enter the level design / environment design career with no Unreal Engine knowledge you aren’t knowing far, and Unity won’t get you anywhere either.

I use Hammer editor but only for fun, if I attempted to enter the gaming industry with only Hammer editor knowledge I’d be laughed out.

Hammer is a proprietary tool, of course you would be laughed at.

Who said anything about me wanting to enter the industry? If I wanted a deadend career in life I would join the game industry. Indie gaming is where the real money is at and when it comes to indie development, Unity is all and all the best tool there is. UDK doesn’t even come close, I don’t doubt it’s superiority for commercial games but there isn’t anything you can do in UDK that can’t be done simpler in Unity.

In the end, it’s all about the product, not how it was created.

True that.

As you said before you’re a programmer and don’t have the experience/skill to create models and textures.
But you’ll need a lot of content e.g. playermodel, enviroment, textures.
Even if you’d go with ripped stuff from Prime 1-3, you’ll still have to do rigging, animations and fixing issues caused by the process of ripping.
Unless you would have a tool to extract the model and animation data directly from the original game, but so far i’ve only seen one which was never released or maybe even just a (well done) fake.

I’ve looked some more into unity and i have to say it’s much more advanced then i thought.
I also like that many programms are supported which are not used much in Industry e.g. Blender or Cinema4D and, if i understood that right, it’s able to import the native file format of the application as well.

But somehow i dislike the look and feel of the games and demos made with the engine.
Hard to describe it, but i’d say hollowed or not solid would be the best term.

to beat around the bush, i have a model of the armcannon in powerbeam mode with textures, but im currently going to make it a prop for gmod.

Anyone still have that sprite? I know this thread is from '09 but i’m looking to add 3D rendered beams to my metroid-inspired mod for minecraft (Found here) and yes, I have a program that converts .3ds models to usable voxel based models