Metroid Prime Hunters - Noxus Model

This may sound like an odd request, but I was wondering if anyone would be able to rip the Noxus model from the game [del]Metroid Prime Hunters for the DS[/del] Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I am planning on getting it 3D printed as a Christmas present, and if anyone could do it, it would be fantastic.

[del]I don’t have much to offer, except for a spare Dota 2 Key if you are able to do it.[/del]


If this can be done by tonight, I can gift someone a steam game under £5.

Upped the reward to a £10 Steam Game. It should be easier to get the model from SSBB brawl, however I need it done if possible by tonight.

PM me for more information.

Support, the only Metroid Prime Hunters models currently made are Sylux, and Weavel. Weavel has too many polys or something and is split into his arms and body though.

I think you would have better luck having it ripped from Super Smash Bros Brawl. There is a Noxus trophy model.

If anyone can do that, I would be grateful.

You should include some pictures of the character in your first post, since not everyone knows who Noxus is, even if we do.

I support this as well.

Took your advice.

Image of the smash brothers brawl trophy.

there have bine too many threads i have to explain this
it is possible to rip from metroid prime hunters, but here comes the but,
there are only .dat files inside the rom,
i tried to rip it on a emulator(screen capture) but that didnt work well.
the other models that are released are ripped from a other medroid game from wii.

Can it be ripped from SSBB? I’d prefer that model now, however the deadline I have for it to be printed is tonight.

Why do you need the model so badly?

You might want to go searching for some of the better riggers out there and send them PMs with your offer. They might be able to help, or at least to point you in the right direction. I hope you manage to get it in time.

Is the hunter in any other metroid games, beside SSBB?

As far as I know, probably not. Those characters only appeared in Metroid Prime Hunters and in Brawl as trophies, to my knowledge.

I’m going to get it 3D printed as a christmas present, and the person doing the printing leaves tomorrow.

Couldn’t you just email it to them? Besides, porting and rigging a model takes time. You have to be patient.

Are you still interested in that model?

If so, i got it extracted (not ripped) from SSBB and converted into usable 3D formats.
Just say which one you’d prefer (.fbx .dae .obj, …)

I don’t know if he is still interested, but I am certainly interested in seeing Noxus ported onto Garry’s Mod. Do you need anything for it to be done like references?

Porting it to GMOD would be a much more complex task.
The model has the same issue as Weavel, it’s much to high in polycount to be broght to source in one piece.
Also the UV map was only done for a few parts of the body, since the rest is only using a plain color with shader.

So in order to sucessfully port the model i would have to bring down the polycount to at least half of the current ammount, do a new UV map, bake all the textures and a normalmap from the high poly version, rig and export the model to GMOD.

So far i’ve only done a quick wallpaper rendering with it.

If anyone is interested in doing anything with the model you can download it HERE

I included textures as well as .psk .fbx and .dae files and my .c4d working file (Cinema4D R12).
BTW: The Stylux trophy is also included in the same file formats.

Do you know anyone that would be interested in working on this?

No, i just posted it in case there is anyone who would like to try.