metroid prime samus' gunships (beta)

ok, so some of you know that i have been doing rips of all 3 metroid prime games. so far i have ripped about 70 different rips and such. here are my beta releases of the three ships that i have ripped.

gmod release


sorry for a mediafire link, but i not sure how to upload to i also uploaded it there but i would rather release it here (i uploaded it there just in case, im just waiting for it to be verified)

its my first release so they are just simple objects. they dont have any joints or movements.

i hope you all enjoy

also, i tried putting them to scale based on grim r3aper/nexus_elite’s gravity suit samus.

for install: just put them in their respective folders in your garrysmod folder (i think)

EDIT: for those of you who want to see the inside of the metroid prime 2 ship


but just to let you know, the texture on the download should be better than the one shown. this is just to show you how it looks like more or less.

Thankyou very much

Looks good, does the ship have an inside?

just the one on the left. the right one (mp3 ship) does but i didnt apply it. the middle one didnt have one.

Am I the only one having texture issues with the models? All I get is the purple and black checkerboard texture.

EDIT: Never mind, just had to take the texture files and place them directly under the materials folder, instead of in all the other folders.

Nice ships man.

Cool now all we have to do is get metriods and marines and have like a big battle with them and stick it on youtube also Medrop i have metriod prime 1 & 2 i can help you out if nessicary though i don’t think you will need it D:.

We need a photo of inside the gunship. :confused:

there is one, on the other thread.

why? you cant go inside unless you use no clipping (the v key on the keyboard) and no collision tool for putting props in it. but i guess ill show it again. just look on the first thread

but the texture is sharper than it is in that pic

Hmmm, I kinda need help. Where do I place the misplaced material files. Like do I put the 2 MP1gunship files in the MP1gunship material folder. i need a clear tutorial on that

you mean the materials that dont have folders? just leave them there. just copy them with the folders and but them in you materials and or materials/models folder. dont move the misplaced files to any folder. leave them outside a folder… i hope you know what i mean

Someone make thse flyable, that would be amazing. :smiley:

I installed them and reinstalled them and still i’m missing the textures :frowning:

are putting them in your addons folder?

Put the textures in the materials folder and the materials/models folder

To those having texture issues, there’s several folders within the parent materials folder for the models. The material files need to go out of any sub folders and into the materials folder itself. I also deleted the other sub-folders save for the “models” folder. This got it to work for me. Hope this helps.

Oh my god, It’s samus’s Super Metroid gunship… I love you ;_;

I love it! Good job. Shame the MP3 ship doesn’t have inside included though…

thats because the inside and outside are models, you just don’t get to see the fact that when you think you are inside, there is no ship around you.