metroid prime samus

so i found this great 3D picture of samus aran as seen in metroid prime 2, and i found out the user has them available for download.
here is what you will get, gunship included:

i asked the user if it is okay to request this to be made for Gmod, he agreed, and then i made a request thread. however, turns out that i posted it in the wrong Gmod forum :L hey I’m new here, that’s the only excuse i have, but live and learn. anyways…

here is the link to where you can download the files:

NOTE: unfortunately these are PMX files, and to my knowledge, the only program that can open PMX files is MMD (mikumikudance) so i guess this request goes out to anyone that is able to port MMD models into garry’s mod.

I really really hope anyone can help out on making these models workable for garry’s mod, so far there has been most of samus aran’s suits from fusion suit, to PED suit, and even other M suit. there was a varia suit for gmod before, but the only file of it has the textures broken, so finding these files is an opportunity to bring the varia suit back, as well as rehashed gravity suit and phazon suit.

This might be an option:
Blender is free and AFAIK there are also smd exporters for it.

I was expecting this thread to get more opinions, but now that its basically dead, i might end up resorting to your advice and do it myself… Even though i have no knowledge on rigging or any other techniques on making this work for gmod in any way, and seeing how no one cares about samus other than if she doesn’t have her power suit on.
So in other words, there is no hope in finding anyone, willing to take just a few hours, and havinlongg something that should of been done for gmod a long time ago, into reality… Yeah, sure, i’ll take your advice, and i’ll release it to the workshop, and rip people off for not doing such a good job on it in the first place. Plus, how the heck is blender free? How come nobody told me about this?! And even if i do install blender, i highly doubt my crappy computer will be able to run this. It lagged on starcraft 2, so its gonna lag to death on something as powerful as blender.

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Guh, stupid phone…

if you get it to a format that i can work with ill take a look

excuse me, but it has been done before.
medrop did it as a ragdol

i got my own playable character in source and even UDK.
But since i’m not the creator of the model (i think credit goes to a guy named Livewire) and it’s property of the Metroid Online team, i’m not allowed to share it. sorry.

I have to browse my old files, but if i still can find some of the original ripped stuff, i might do some rigging practice again.

Well those are not the models from metroid prime, but still it’s something:

metroid other m:

metroid 2 echoes:

btw: here’re few already ported…

extracting models from otherM is rather easy. just use the tools that were made for super smash bros brawl to get the psk files and open them in milkshape, 3dsmax (actorX) or even UDK.
they are even t-posed and have a skeleton. sadly the weighting seemed to be lost and the colission mesh isn’t compatible with other engines since it’s one concave hull which might have been weighted to the skeleton, too.

Since there have been custom characters for the SSB games, i guess there’s a possibility to get weighting and skeleton fixed, too.

As for the Prime games, i think the echoes suit should be more or less be the same as the one from the beginning of corruption.

Apologies for the outburst on my last post, i do know medrop made a prime 3 varia suit. However, this and many other models he has created do not work (the varia suit has the pink and black checkered texture, and the instructions on fixing it is useless) and i hoped the file i found would of made an alternative for the lost addon (not to mention this has three different skins and the gunship included)
There is already the other m suit, the brawl suits, the prime one gravity and phazon suits, fusion suits and the PED suit, but no prime trilogy varia suit, so theres that. If my computer can handle mmd and blender (i still cant believe blender was free all along) then I’ll do my part next week and at least to try to convert the model into blender and then post a download link for anyone to rig it.

preferably .fbx or .dae (collada)
as for the checkerboard issue, this really is just a matter of having the vmt and vtf files named correctly and inside the right directory.

okay, I’m back at my home so i will be able to download MMD and blender, so i can at least convert it to make it easier for anyone to rig the samus model. Is there anything i need to know about both MMD or blander that should be important?

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oh great! the meshio plugin cannot work, because i have no idea on how to install it into blender!

Here’s a first version of the rigged playermodel.

unzip it into your addons folder.

I’m not 100% satisfied with it yet.

The collision model is just temporary, need to build a custom one.
Due to the texture splitting of the original model, there are a lot of materials.
Textures are also a little lowres and have compression artifacts.

well, i can’t get the plugin for blender to work, and I’m not able to get those pmx files to work on MMD, so i failed to convert the models into a blender format. so i’ll just take what ever there is available and end this…
however, thank you for the playermodel.
hopefully, my next request will not be as complicated as this one was.

I’m liking it so far

thanks again

ok that looks awesome, however, the textures you have on the arm cannon are off, luckily i have them in they’re proper colour i can send you you if you wish it Kraid.

Also Kraid if you want, i can go and get the uncompressed crisp textures from the game in PNG format for you.

Ok, so Ive been experimenting with this playermodel, and I managed to apply the original, clean game textures to the model within the same setup, I also set it up as an NPC for screenshot purposes (funny thing is, only the head moves) anyways here are the images with the clean textures and the correct textures for the arm cannon (with selfillum lights)
!!Warning Pics are 1080p, so be prepared for big images!!

Lemme know if you want me to send you these changes Kraid and ill package em ASAP.

can i have the textures since i already got the model from kraid and all, or is that up to kraid?

i can package em um, but i was hoping to hear Kraids response, so they can be included in his release version once its all been sorted out.

we’ll wait until kraid response then

Thats probably for the best, i just hope he likes me doing this :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the textures i used are from prime 2, however i have a feeling that prime 3’s are higher res, ill look into that.

I’ve been looking into that. the prime 3 model that’s in has textures but for some reason they aren’t properly placed or something, and I’m not sure how to fix them.