Metroid Prime SWEP Teaser Trailer 2

This is an Update to my Metroid Prime SWEP. I am showcasing the new effects and renders I have made to the SWEP. Hope you like it. Again, I am probably not going to release it since its a personal project and Aska49 is the one who came up with the original Idea. If Aska dosen’t release his version then I probably will.
Until then, Enjoy.

the double jump looks good for free running :3.

If u could you should make the hud move up and down when moving i dont know much about sorce and code so its up to you if you can do it good jop looks cool

Needs a custom model for the gun, I hate sweps that use hl2 models.

On more positive notes, what would be cool is a morph ball entity or something like that, with the bombs, boost, etc.

the helmet hud is just black in the dark, fix this.

Ok update guys, I now made a Custom Gun Model (view and world yah yah) and I fixed the HUD, I will also probably start working on a morphball addon to it, then probably make the Wave Beam, Ice Beam and Plasma Beam since the Power Beam is done. So I’ll probably put up a new vid next week, until then stay tuned.

BTW, my work is probably going to advance slower from now on because 1. Gotta head back to class for a little while, Sec. 4 is not easy and is the most important :/. 2. I am working on Models (view and world) since I will probably be making a weapon pack (TEASER: Its gonna be a pack of Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 weapons, think im gonna be making 5 up to now) so yah.

Could you make a “Varia Suit” Entity? One of the roleplay servers I go on has a little side Story about Armor development, and this would be perfect for it if it didn’t have metroid’s various beams.