Metroid prime Sweps

ok again I KEPT posting this on wrong pages i got confused that day! so if anyone can make those sweps iv been wanting metroid prime sweps if anyone can make some metroid sweps illl give you credit for it >garry if your reading this delete those 2 threads i acdently posted thank you.

p90 from css realistic wearons and usp45

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i took down a baby garg with the p90

Alright, for the love of god use proper grammar and spelling.

Look, someone could maybe make these, but we need the models ported first. Go post something in the Model Request section asking for world models and view models of the Metroid Prime weapons. (And use proper spelling and grammar or I’ll ensure that you get kicked out of Facepunch)

I doubt anyone will help without being paid (because modelers suck that way) but it’s the only way we can script these.

Here’s the thread:
and here’s another vid with armcannon model:

Not sure if he released it though.