(Metroid)-Samus gets her suit upgraded

With what little I know story-wise on the Metroid series, (other then that Samus looks hot in the Zero Suit) I made this.

She’s going over some recent upgrades to her suit with some Scientists.

Very simple, but still very nice. Good job.

The Simple DOF hurts my eyes.
But the posing is amazing
Have a wood.

Samus seems, a bit shiny. I assume you did that in Photoshop?

Contrast looks weird.
Simple DOF is a picture killer, never use it.
And the light on the left its too bright.

Apart from that nice posing.

I’m using the Samus model from the Invisighost model pack here. Nice reflective and phong effects on it, plus the hair actually moves, but it’s faceposing is crap.