Metromedic standing by to tend to an anti-citizen


C&C etc.

he likes to watch.

I bet he faps to this at night :q:

lol I thought that was Kanye West standing in the doorway for a second.

hey taggart he needs sunglasses

there fixed

Hahaha, looks like he’s about to start a CSI Miami joke :v:

also what the hell is that cop on the far right doing with his hands…?

Hey citizen I’m sorry for you and imma let you die, but Eli Vance had one of the best deaths of ALL TIME.


Straightening his belt obviously, what else would he be doing? :v:

Looks like we’re making…
an anti-citizen’s arrest…

I guess he was stunned by the medic’s entrance.

And his glasses.

The citizens face… :wtc:

He looks kinda goofy, but great shot anyway.