I did not find any animation for pushing (like ACT_PUSH_PLAYER) in the

I want to use the ACT_PUSH_PLAYER for pushing animation but there is no animation for it in garrysmod I see, any one know why?
Maybe its other name?


1 and 2 is like the same one I dont see any diffrence…
I looking for the civil protection push animation with their hands.

Also there is animation to be pushed (Like as combine push other player, the other player will have pushed animation)?

I think it’s only for the civil protection.
I suppose that because this animation only happen with a CP with the stun stick so I guess its designed exclusively for them … sorry

ACT_PUSH_PLAYER does not work with any player model…

Because the player models do not have such activity or the Metro Police push animation.

There is no animation that called “ACT_PUSH_PLAYER” …
bad argument #1 to ‘DoAnimationEvent’ (number expected, got nil)
I even tried to do it with Metropolice model and with regular citizen model…
It’s not working in Garrysmod, but the animation is in the SDK.

Lines 158, 3034, 5194, 5800.
I think its need to be add to Garrysmod next update.

Animations are tied to models, not "ACT"s. There’s no ACT_PUSH_PLAYER in GMod ( But it could be easily added if necessary ), but it still won’t magically make the animation appear on any models. The animation only exists on the original HL2 metropolice model ( Not the player model, the NPC model from HL2 )

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ACTs are just an easier way to access the animations without having to remember the animation names exactly, or having to change the animation names in the code should the model change the animation name.

Can I add this animation or only you can (As Gmod developer) next update?

I repeat, you or I cannot “add” animations, ACTs are NOT ANIMATIONS.

The animation only exists on the metro police NPC from HL2.


I did not say its code, I just asked if it’s can be add as you say “it could be easily added if necessary”
You dont need to be angry on me if I confused about the request.
I just want the option to push player as metropolice.

No, you cannot add “ACT_PUSH_PLAYER” into the game, but even if I did, it would only work on metro police NPC models.

If you want to use that animation on player models, well you can’t.

Your options are:

  1. Trying to recreate the animation with the Lua animation API someone made
  2. Compiling a custom metro police player model with the animation in and making your clients download that player model and use that player model on your server instead of the default metro police player model.

Wasn’t that animation on hl2rp metro police players?

well, they were probably using the metro police model, like Robotboy said; so it had the animation.

No default player models have any custom animations, such as the metro police push.

AFAIK HL2RP uses the NPC models.