Metropolice model replacement

Ok, so I dislike the curreny metrocop model. And I know there exists a Metropolice Elite model (This one

) can someone maybe replace it? I don’t have a download link for the model, but it exists.

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I found some models, I think the metrocop elite model is in there.

That isn’t the real model however, that model in the picture was only in the book RtB (Raising the Bar) and it was never leaked.

The one you put in the post where remakes.

-partway snipped-

Why is it pointless. I cannot replace those models myself and therefore I am asking for help.

Oh I’m sorry man, my mistake. feels like a dumbass

But there IS a replacement version already in existence.

Any Metropcop texture sheet should work with it too.

You really need to learn how to search for things.

Sorry, I’m p. new to these forums. I’m not skillfull when it comes to modelling and such.

I said: You need to learn how to SEARCH FOR THINGS.
Not learn how to edit models, though that is a fun thing to learn.

Look man, quick rule of thumb:
Search high and low for the thing, THEN post a thread asking for it as a last resort.

This one looks a little more authentic:

But both are pretty rubbish.