metropolice rehex

i found this pack and wanted to know if there is a unhexed version of it some where, or if they can unhex it for me? can someone please show me where the unhexed version is?
i just wanted the metropolice model unhexed that’s it i don’t care about the others.

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anyone know where it is?

Holy shit that would be awesome

yeah i think rusty made them if anyone could ask him that would be awesome

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the only problem is rusty s gone for a little

Take that metropolice texture and rename it to replace your default one.

Not rocket science.

if it were so easy could you do it then upload it for us?
i can’t get it to work because i downloaded a new MP skin and renamed it right and it didn’t work. so if its so easy upload it to gamebanna of megaupload or something

i went out and got a new mp skin and renamed rusty’s one the same but theres two files in there under police so could you just upload it?

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NEVERMIND I GOT IT I’ll send it to anyone who wants it and thanks Sie-Sveinhund

or you can just rename it but if your to lazy I’ll upload it to or something