Metropolice Squad System

For all you old chaps that enjoy a good go at Half-Life 2 Roleplay, Ive created a squad system that can be reformatted to fit a variety of RP backstories with militaristic factions and societies and all that. Creds go to an acquaintance by the name of something Vader. Anyways, I decided to create this to have less retarded squad systems. So here we go:


Combine Law Enforcement Squad [codename: SUTURE]

Our purpose is to keep the peace. To protect the citizens and serve our superiors. This is the largest and most generalized squad in the system. Based on what your server intends, they can be either hard as a rock or like the current law enforcement. Theyre usually responsible for delivering beatings, detaining citizens, and conducting regular searches of residence.

Combine Civil Relations and Negotiations Squad [codename: MORPHINE]

This dedicated group of officers work on the psychological side of the playing field, the brain behind the brawn. Their main function is to instill a sense of security, safety, and hope within citizens despite their abuse. On the darker side of things, they also conduct brainwashes and specialize in psychological warfare. They work hand-in-hand with SPLINT in order to keep citizens safe from harm, mentally and physically.

EQUIPMENT: MP7 Machine Pistol, Tranquillizer, Flashbangs

Combine Medical Operations, Research, and Development Squad [codename: SPLINT]

This well-trained group of doctors, researchers, and field medics work as one with MORPHINE to aid the physical and emotional damage done by their predecessors. Unfortunately, while the populace sees them as doctors and researchers, they are responsible for the drugged water supply. This group also practices unethical experiments on citizens, usually with mental deficiencies, to test new bio-technical augments and experimental drugs.


Equipment will vary for doctors and researchers based on the topic.

Combine Anti-Malignant and Special Operations Squad [codename: SCALPEL]

This squad is dedicated to the more dangerous operations within the Union, as well as Internal Affairs. Despite what people commonly think of being “badass” and “1337”, half the operations they do revolve around protection detail and isolating possible internal threats within. Their operations are also based around removing and extracting information from high-level threats. As far as roleplay is concerned, each unit is their own individual. It will likely involve being locked in a private, inner RP.

EQUIPMENT: Spas12, USP Compact, Flashbangs, Frag Grenades, Specialized Equipment

Combine Labor Force Union [codename: n/a]

This is not really a squad, but it IS regulated and mandated by the Combine. This is mainly because any privately-run workers union has keeled over in the past due to an inefficiency in funds.

EQUIPMENT: ToolGun, Physgun

Combine Secretarial, Financial, and Logistical Dept. [codename: n/a]

This department is for those who are interested in a paying career within the Union, but is not suited for combat or labor. This is a boring idea, and will likely be all In-Character, but you never know. Some people may like stacking papers and stapling papers and reading papers and printing papers and scanning papers and filing papers and signing papers.

cool, thanks