MetroRP 1.0.0 - The ability of serious roleplay

Welcome to the MetroRP thread!

:siren: This is a edit of DarkRP with permission of FPtje (Current DarkRP Dev) and this is not any addon or have any connection to Metro2033:siren:

I’ve edited the DarkRP to this gamemode because I think we’re in need of more serious RP functions included in the most popular DarkRP script.
That is when I found out to ask FPtje for permission to this and started editing and adding functions like forcing RP name, new money printer system and so on.


Q: Is this a DarkRP edit?
A: Yes, as you probably already see. The point is to use the DarkRP core (I’ll edit the core afterwards in time) and make more serious roleplay functions available. The biggest function so far is the forcing of RP name.

Q: Did you make DarkRP?
A: No DarkRP was made by Rick Darkaliano, Rickster, Picwizdan, Sibre , PhilXYZ, [GNC] Matt, Chromebolt A.K.A. unib5, Falco A.K.A. FPtje, Eusion
I’m only making a edit of it with more serious RP functions with permission from FPtje.

Q: I’ve seen many ideas from MetroRP on ByB Community servers. Shall I DDoS them?
A: Many ideas for MetroRP came from ByB servers, also I’m a part of that community. So they have the full rights. And also credits many of the MetroRP ideas!


The project has been canceled :siren:

All ideas and code does ByB Community servers have permission to use and copy. Also because I'm a part of them. So you've no reasons to attack ByB Community for using MetroRP ideas/code!

If your community has the MetroRP code, you can now sit silently and watch your community die by leak of players =)


I think this is pretty good for a DarkRP edit…

Indeed I think this myself.
Beacuse this is not like added 3 new guns and 500 jobs. And called it MetroRP lol.

It’s actual work behind it.

P nice work there, I actually thought that this is a script for Metro2033 RP, tho.



Oh, btw, it’s Rick Darkaliano

Added a notice that this is not for Metro2033 and fixed the name.

Now, let’s hope that kids won’t turn this into Dark DM V2.

Yes lol. Let’s hope not.
But the DM isnt the scripts fault always. It’s also admins that can’t watch the players to pervent it.

It’s hard to pervent DM. Auto DM kick can also be retarded if you make a RP raid.
So ye… It’s more up to admins right there. But also script stuff can help a little.

I wanted to say: again a dark rp edit. But this one is kinda nice. You sire are the first person who truly made a GOOD dark rp edit, Congratulations.

That’s nice to hear :slight_smile: Thanks!

First public one.


Was glad to be beta-testing this!

Give ample credit to the people you took the ideas from would be a decent thing to do. Just because you recode something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t accredited those who originally made it.

I’m going to try this, looks much better.

Nice, I just went through the files editing and stuff.
And everytime I go through a function that contains anything called DarkRP It’s renamed to MetroRP, can you explain me why?


Not bad. I like the HUD. Too bad you had to use DarkRP rather than another gamemode.


Because I just were bored and renamed it. As I told, it’s a DarkRP modification, so I just renamed it. Everything is working same as it was DarkRP vars. This was done long time before the official release. So I’m not redoing it.

The jobs etc works like before. If something changes there, it will be announced in SVN logs. But I think they will be like they are atm.
Hard to say how many bugs there is, it’s have been tested in about 2 weeks. I think the most is covered. I’ll do all to fix the bugs fastest possible if any comes up.
MetroRP started editing of some SVN revision of DarkRP in about 1-2 months ago if I remember right.

I can allow you to broadcast your server here (if that is all right with FP rules), but NOT as official, sorry.

I’ll take a look into the bugs, thanks for reporting.

And I’ve fixed the ammo bug now (for good this time), just fixing rest of the stuff I would like to edit. I’ll update the new revision in about 1 hour.

Blt950, I have added you on steam, I really like ur darkrp edit, keep up the good work :wink:

Tested this, it’s working for me. Voice too. It has to be some problem on your site. Try to update to lastest SVN

SVN updated! Check the SVN logs for changes!