[MetroRP] Mysql Problem

I’ve a problem with mysql. It looks like it’s connected. I can join the server, but it doesn’t save. Also does it automatically add tables and such, or do I’ve to use a sql. If I’ve to use a sql, can anyone please send it to me?

bump :confused:

First of all, shameless 3 hour bump.

Second of all, wrong forum. This belongs in the Roleplaying subforum.

Third of all, no it does not automatically add the required tables. You have to atleast create a database for it in your sql server.

Alright, first of all sorry for the bump was pretty desperate. With MetroRP is a gamemode, so why is it the wrong section. Also I’ve a database, but there’s no sql included.

Just outta curiosity, what’s the point of SQL anyway?

I need all tables for mysql, somehow does the gamemode not include it.

As i side note: i wouldent recommend MySQL if you use some free MySQL host, their mostly slow and DarkRP sends serious fucktons of queries probably hitting the low cap they set up

MetroRP fails anyways.

I use my websites database, yes a REAL website. I wanna use MySQL so I can send data to my website.

Your option, in my eyes can it be change more, but it’s fine for now.

Its not bad the people using it are huge dumbfucks though

I’ve so many ideas to it, but unfortunately I suck at lua coding :confused: