Metrostroi (gm_metrostroi)

GMOD 81-717 Subway Simulator 2014
Biggest train map in GMOD ever!

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Concept, Mapping, Scripting, …:
Black Phoenix


3D Modelling:
Spike (model ripping)

Sgt.Sgt (stations 113, 214)
Streamline (stations 109, 110, 210, 212)
SirZoloft (station 112, 118)
GameDev (station 117)
Maze (station 119)
Xanadu (station 121, roads around 118)
Turtleey (Industrial prefabs)
ZombieDragon (Industrial prefabs)

(A list of ~200 nicknames goes here)

This is a collaborative project in creating construction-roleplay map representing an unidentified post-Soviet city and the subway system of this city. It is currently very alpha. The main concept behind the map (subway train driving) is already implemented though.

Subway System - Line 1 (Green/Industrialnaya-Sineozernaya Line)[/t]

The green line of the gm_metrostroi subway system starts overground in the industrial district and passes directly through residential area. It includes two bridges across the river, as well as two overground segments. Line 1 is 26.3 km long and contains 16 stations, including “horizontal lift” closed-type station.

Subway System - Line 2 (Red/Sokol-Vostochnaya Line)

The red line of metrostroi metro system will have extended-length platforms, as well as few extended-length overground segments.

- Industrial and residential area of a post-soviet city
- Highly-detailed model of the legendary 81-717 subway train
- Highly-detailed models of other trains (Ezh/81-705, 81-760, 81-740)
- ARS (automatic speed regulation) system included (this system shows speed limit and prevents train from overspeeding, running red light, etc)
- All signs included (including engineering signs and keypoint signs)
- Fully working signaling system (operating mostly according to Moscow subway system specifications)
- Web-based dispatcher system that displays positions and telemetry from all trains, allows to iteract with them or the track system (switches, signals) remotely
- AI-trains which drive according to the rules and signals (but do not require active physics simulation unlike players trains)
- Two subway train depots (primary and service depots), lots of track elements (reversing tunnels, service branches, technical platforms)
- NPCs which ride on trains between stations
- 15 to 25 stations with unique architecture
- Automatic schedule generator and ability to drive missions/according to schedule
- A small tram systems with two routes based on legendary Tatra T3 tram
- Spline-based road network
- Several overground areas


- Can trains derail, do they run using physics?
The player trains run using physics. As long as you stick to speed limits and follow instructions of the automatic speed regulation system, you will not derail. If you drive carelessly, this is what happens:

- *Any relation to Metro-2033?*

No relation besides using the same subway system.

- *Any roleplay elements planned?*

Most likely there will be some sort of a producer-consumer system that can be enabled for roleplaying. It might involve transporting NPCs or cargo from point A to point B.

- *Wire interface?*

Present in trains, signals, plus there will be access to map dispatching system, ARS system.

All kinds of collaboration are welcome, especially with making the subway stations. The soviet subway system provides unique base for building the stations. It is traditional to have unique design at each station - and having many people work on the stations is one of the nicest way to achieve this.

There is a lot of artistic freedom with the stations. The architecture style can range from art deco and classic styles to modern and high-tech. I have compiled a small inspirational album:

If you need further reference on soviet-style subway, image-searching for “Kiev Subway”, “Moscow Subway”, “Petersburg Subway”, “Prague Subway”, “Kazan Subway” will all bring up lots of nice results. Typical station layouts and design elements are in this album:

I have prepared a collaboration inforgraphic. It lists all the main requirements and basic dimensions of the station:

Each platform usually has extra offices, ventilation facilities, under-platform space, etc. They are usually entered via doors at the platform edges. The rooms themselves are not very important and can be omitted.

Majority of the station elements will be turned into models as otherwise the map will not fit in the given BSP limits.

I have prepared a rough draft of what can be used as a station prefab. The prefabs also include a block that’s textured with SKIP - this block represents train bounding box and must not be violated by any architecture elements. Download it here:

Any extra facilities and tunnel elements are also welcome. I can provide further information and consulting on the construction of the subway system itself (or just google for it).

Construction status (gm_metrostroi_b46):
Total use-able track length: 67,100 m
Line 1 length: 26,100 m
Line 1 stations laid out: 16
Line 1 stations completed: 14
Line 2 length: 4,440 m
Line 2 stations laid out: 2
Line 2 stations completed: 1


Collaboration status: 16/27 stations
108 Black Phoenix
109 Streamline (completed)
110 Streamline (completed)
111 Black Phoenix (completed)
112 SirZoloft (completed)
113 Sgt.Sgt. (completed)
114 Black Phoenix (completed)
115 Black Phoenix (completed)
116 Black Phoenix (completed)
117 GameDev (completed)
118 SirZoloft (completed)
119 Maze (completed)
120 Black Phoenix (completed, station is perma-under-construction)
121 Xanadu (completed)
122 Black Phoenix (completed)
123 (unassigned)
(16 stations)

210 Streamline (‘Moskovskaya’, completed)
211 (OVERGROUND, unassigned)
212 Streamline (‘Darnitsya’, completed)
213 (unassigned)
214 Sgt.Sgt.
215 (unassigned)
216 Black Phoenix
217 (unassigned)
218 (unassigned)
219 (possibly overground, unassigned)
220 (OVERGROUND, must be modern/prague style, unassigned)
(11 stations)

I love train maps; this looks really cool so far.

Very cool. I am a huge fan of the subtransit map you made years back. This looks like it will blow that out of the water.

Holy crap I am speechless, this is absolutely amazing! I am tempted to join!

I can make you some foliage if you need it.

Building a station sounds fun. Are custom textures allowed?

This is fucking amazing.

Holy cow!

btw guys, are you russian? :v:

I have updated the maps a little, adding one more station (a placeholder for it - just one of the prefabs). Ran into some VBSP limits (t-junctions limit), but I got around that. VBSP divides vis clusters every 1024 units though, I wonder if I can make it do that only once every 4096 units (because I am running out of vis clusters for some reason).

The map is getting pretty packed, but I still have plenty of vertex budget for station and aux geometry (all the stations are exclusively BSP geometry and I have not yet even converted buildings to models. The buildings eat up some 10-20% of vertex count budget):

I’m planning for autumn low-poly trees, low amount of foliage (autumn style). A couple trees could be useful. Medium and small sized trees.

Yes! It is preferred that you keep custom textures count low and their size small (256x256, 512x512), simply to avoid swelling up the map size.

I am from Ukraine, I take this subway system to and from university almost every day.

Is that based on Moscow/Kiev metro?
Or just inspired by?

I am almost done with the Shopping Mall collab, after that I’d love to contribute to the mapping a bit!

Just messing about with replacing some of one of the example stations with my own texturing and brushwork.


It’s inspired by Kyiv, Moscow, St. Petersburg subway system, but the city itself is mainly inspired by Kyiv. I will be texturing apartament blocks based on buildings around my own.

Oh yeah! That looks most fascinating, I really like the yellow warning tiles. This is just a general information piece, the doors from behind the platform usually lead to station offices, dispatcher room, storage rooms, police station, stairs down to electric equipment rooms, stairs under the platform, ventilation equipment.

I put an awful door thing that let players descend from platform down to track level. You don’t need to replicate it or its dimensions, in reality it’s more like a big metal door whose upper surface stays on the same level as the rest of the platform, and some stations don’t even have it (they have stairs outside of platform). Here’s a much better reference on it: (you can barely even see it).

Have you tried banking the turns?

That’d be good for trains going full-speed but what if they need to stop in the middle of a corner for some reason?

It would make the turn models much less versatile (there would have to be more of them), and I’ve been told by the modeller that train wheels tend to submerge into rails more often than not on canted track.

I will ask him again about it though, maybe something can be done.

And of course, someone has already mistaken me for you, despite you creating the better maps. :slight_smile:

Nice work on this map so far, i really enjoyed subtransit, so i’m sure this will be another cracker.

Have a link to it? Would like to see it.

You can still download it from (although this version is missing a certain model which made a warping effect in the reactor core).

The map was supposed to feature the same 81-717 train in fact, just really ugly:

I think I’ll release the rp_subtransit.vmf along with gm_metrostroi. Seems appropriate, although somewhat meaningless.

I think it would be interesting to take a crack at making a station myself.