Metrpolice NPCs v4

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Metropolice NPCs v4 + Player Models

[tab]Description:[/tab] NPC pack of 11 metrpolice custom skins and models
-New HQ skins for Elite metrocop, Trench and SpecOps cops
-New normal maps and phong
-3 custom models (Elite Shock Unit, Elite Unit v2 and Concept Trenchcoat)
-Spawn Icons
-Deleted Star Wars NPC’s
-Added Retrocop, City 08 cop and Concept Trenchcoat
-Glowing eyes for Elite and Tribal
-Fixed Black Cop, now he is not invisible

[tab]NPC list:[/tab]

Alex Portman (me): new skins (for Elite, Specops, Trench and Tribal), phong
Lit Fuse films: Retro cop
Redsteak: Tribal cop
n00buss Elite cop models
snood: Concept Trenchcoat soldier
J.Barnes: city08 cop skin
ranmaj: starter of the pack

If you are the author of some models\skins that I used 
in this pack and you weren't credited then make me know about it and I'll credit you.


[tab]Player Models[/tab]:


Whoah that’s überkewl. Thanks a lot.

haha, my City 08 cop got a front row seat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice pack, this’ll save some hassle of having to sift through I was looking for those trenchcoat cops too.

There a female Metrocop in there? Couldn’t see it listed, so I assume not.

yes she is in there, and she is also in the list (in pics)

Also I’ve included beta reskin of trenchcoat cop

You have cool picture…
Must resist urge to download…

I failed.

Something I’d like to see added to the HL2 universe are more rogue units like Barney.

Holy shit!

These would make nice playermodels. :dance:

Skin that on this model and you get a cookie:

Ha ha ha, wicked stuff. :slight_smile:

Hey guys you do know the OP made nothing he posted? Infact all of it is stolen, he hasn’t given any credits.

What do u mean? If u misspelled DP and wrote “Op” instead of it then u’re terribly wrong, I take credits only for some skins, normal mapping and some npc’s that I fixed (such as black cop that appeared incisible in v3). I’ve tried to credit all the modellers and skin-makers that made those stuff too but I couldn’t find all the names. And if u had eyes to read u could notice that I do have credits.

I’ll try but this model uses terrorist texture

Ahhahahah oh man you’ve not been here long and prolly won’t for much longer, seriously shit like this is bannable. get full credits, NOW.

There are credits in the OP, and I assume full credit is given in the readme file, i dunno Ill check

Nice disagree rating there

He did properly give credits, you just can’t read because you’re a stupid dumbass who doesn’t belong on the internet.

Metrpolice :buddy:

Does it come with the OTHER concept metrocop someone LONG ago made? Also, Where did you get that visor type thing in your avatar, Carl?

Jesus Dude Calm Down,

He made half of those skins, He’s even offering to give credit to the ones he forgot…

Half of the stuff on Facepunch and Garrysmod isnt even created by the people who upload them.

Good God.

True, I’d love to see 'em.