Mexican Guy Ragdoll

Hi Guys,

At First: i’m german, so i’m sorry for my bad english.
I was looking for a Ragdoll of a stereotypic Mexican Guy for Garrys Mod, you know, with Sombrero, a Moustache and all that Stuff, but i couldn’t find anything.

I would thank you Guys for any Ragdoll of that Kind. :slight_smile:



i approve


Now seriously, will there be any helpful posts?

So you want a stereotypical Mexican guy? Because I can assure you not everyone walks around wearing sombreros.

Fistful of Frags has some hilariously stereotypical Mexicans. I doubt anyone would be willing to port them, though.

Like this?

That stereotypical wild-west Mexican guy is awesomely stereotypical.
I’d see about porting them if I owned the game, haha.

Wait, it’s a mod for Half-Life 2?
Anyone with it could just grab them out of the models/materials folders and put them here for convenience.

Yes, i was definitly looking for someone like that!
I would appreciate it, if someone would make a Ragdoll for Gmod out of that!

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Sure, but i want a Ragdoll of that kind of Stereotypical mexican. :wink:

i have some idea of what you mean, give me a minute to draw it up :smiley:

i gave you 47, so where is your idea? :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding, take your time. :smiley:

I don’t have Half-Life 2, i run Garrys Mod with Half-Life 2:Deathmatch, but i downloaded the ‘Fistful of Frags’-Mod though, and installed it. I took a look in the install log, and that mod was installed in Steam/SteamApps/Sourcemods. So i tried to add this as addon, copied the Modfolder into my Addonsfolder of Garrys Mod, but unfortunaly - it didn’t work. :frowning:
Maybe i need some lua spawn scripts or stuff like that, i’m a noob in this…

Hah, hey yeah sorry, had to run off and grab some energy drinks and pies.
so uhh, still working on it.
but will be done soon :smiley:
please rate me for my humour in this picture.
illmake a more detailed one at a later date :smiley:

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It is done!

Funny, but what should i do with that picture now?

i said, the Fist of Frags Mod Content don’t work in Garrys Mod, but i was wrong. I copied the Folder from Addons directly into Garrys Mod and it worked this way. I can play the Maps, and spawn the props, but the only ragdolls i’ve found in there were 4 playermodels, which were westernstyle modded, so there was a indian Breen for example. One of them was even called mexican, he looked like in the screenshot, but without mustache.

Do i have to add the Mustache from a accessories Pack? Sorry for beeing nooby, but some time ago, you guys were a noob too!

dunno. remember, all i said was i had a fair idea.
I’ll keep on the lookout for you :smiley:

Try checking bodygroups? It’s possible they had them bodygrouped as permutations for the actual playermodels.

The dudes from Fist Full of Frags asked Garry himself here on the forums to forbid people on grabbing the models from their game to Gmod, I remember there was a huge fuzz about it.

Cant be arsed to find the thread were it happened tho.

Wow, that sounds dumb. From what you’re saying, they asked Garry to make it impossible to just mount it?

I think he means they just asked Garry not to let anyone post the models. I never heard anything about it though, so I don’t know if Garry actually cares.

Guys, that’s Off-Topic, i just need a stereotypic Mexican, it doesn’t have to be ported from Fistful of Frags. :wink:

Ahh Mexico, the country where everyone wears a poncho and a sombrero…