Mexican Standoff

Blood is great and posing is too. Good job.

the pose is so badass

reminds me of saving private ryan

Got a couple gripes about this otherwise badass picture:

  1. it’s not a Mexican standoff, those have 3 people, this is just a standoff
  2. his head is clipping a bit
  3. the blood looks a little purple in places along his leg

Not seeing 3? If you’re meaning the stain, let me remind you;

Yeah I know where purple comes from but I would expect it to be more red especially if it’s a fresh wound.

But I have no context so I don’t know.

Needs more white doves flying around.

Very original ignoring the video, nice and creative.

Strider is like ohai!

“Never bring a reality-bending particle cannon to a gun fight.”

Yeah, you got me there. I thought up the title in a hurry, should’ve called it ‘memento mori’, remember, you will die/moment of death/remember your mortality in Latin, a phrase often used in art and the opposite of ‘memento vita’, remember, you are alive, which is what I called my last pose.

Yeah I’ll make sure not to do that next time.
This time, let’s just say it’s his hair.

Well it’s through blue jeans.

Mexican standoff?

Looks more like a rape attempt to me.

Pretty neat picture. Simple, but I like it.

Doesn’t matter, blood’s orangish red.

It’s a result of the color correction I did afterwards because the picture was so overwhelmingly brownish orange.

I actually prefer that one slightly more

Though they’re both so good I can’t really tell

I belive the citizen will win. Although it was a nice picture!