"MG team walkin'." (WW2 pose.)

Yep’, another WW2 pose ! :byodood:

Test for the smoke and some shadows !

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It is a fail ?

Emmm…what shadows? You added a warming photo filter and some smoke…that’s all the difference I see (yes, I know, I’m blind).
Smoke looks okay. I don’t think this pic needs a thread.

You’re not blind, shadows are a little bit… hide, I guess. Take a look to the faces, the left arm of the guys whose smokin’ …

Those guys must be dumbasses to not notice the rolling, japanese tank behind them.

It’s suposed to be an abandonned tank.

See how much you already had to tell us? Viewers must not have any questions when they look at the picture. If it’s an abandoned tank, then they must say “oh look at that, it’s an abandoned tank!”.

I’m agree, but for me, the picture seems clear. But maybe it’s because I’m the “creator”.

What you may want try doing is this:

  • Show your fresh creation to someone (ideally someone that knows what Gmod is).
  • Ask him\her what looks strange or unclear.
    Works most of the time…at least to me.

They blend in too well with the environment. They need to “pop” more. I think a little SDoF would go a long way in this picture. Also, it was obvious to me that the tank was disabled.


Guy on the left doesn’t look nearly as relaxed as the guy on the right. That’s the only other issue.

If you don’t mind, may I’ll show you my fresh creation, next time ?

No problem dude. Go ahead =).

Thank you dude ! :D.

it’s a japanese tank, they probably realised as much and weren’t really bothered by its presence