MGA2 snake

The body textures are for the Kestrel model, including mask and retard.
The head and hair textures are for sam fisher, if you could headhack fisher onto kestrel and hex it. (and the regular kestrel, with the mask)


Guys, please dont ignore this, everythings ready, it just needs a headhack and a hex.

its a shame that no one wants to do this!

Bump, bump bump.


Aaron i very very sorry because i want it too…But i think none wont this…

I’m sure this is simpler than other requests, a headhack and hex, with 2 ragdolls, 1 with the default model, the other with the headhacked model with faceposing.




Wait, what?


Oh c’mon Hackers is a Good idea Listen to him!

taggart knows how to do it.
PM him

Woulda helped if ya’ said this before.


Thanks anyway.


Faceposing is asking for a lot. It isn’t easy at all.

You relise the model i want headhacked on already has facial flexes right?

Bump number 8.

Wating for bump Number Nine

Jesus bump 9

Bump 10.