MG's and Turret SENTs or Vehicles.

I have been playing a lot of BFBC2 lately (if you don’t know what game that is you are to closely attached to garrys mod). I went on last night because I was wondering if there were any uploads of the turrets from or likenesses from them on the site. To no avail… There seems to be absolutely nobody who has created an actually working turret without using wire mod. Now not saying wire mod isn’t cool, its just that basic vehicles and things often suck and are blocky or hard to work. What I’m trying to get at is, can someone please congregate some kind of working turret without using wire mod. I’m talking a vehicle or even possibly a sent(which would be a lot cooler in my opinion).

Now aside from that request which is the “what should happen” part, here’s the “what I would LOVE to happen part”. I would be especially happy if someone could make this said turret with a model similar to that of the Russian heavy MG in BFBC2. The 12.7mm Russian Kord would make me a very happy camper. In contribution to this request, I can say that I have taken some audio of the turret firing and when it stops.

My other idea if it could happen is that there would be the classic “Cool down” turret that overheats when fired for too long (could easily be like that of the air boat turret). My other idea would be a ammo’ed turret. You would have a say 100 bullet clip that you could reload at any time (there being infinite ammo in reserve only 100 ammo in the current clip).

Now I’m also sure that I am already going to get a lot of people going “Why can’t you do it yourself you lazy (insert random hateful word here). Go do it yourself.”

To that I would reply, that “1, why would there be a request option in the first place, and 2, I would love to If I knew how or if someone would be courteous enough to teach me.”