MGS Artic Soldier Skin

Could anyone fix up this skin i’m doing for my mod. I can’t really texture that good so any help will be appreciated and thanked. I’ve got all the files in the .ZIP file with a couple references and more instructions. Also showing where exactly i need it fixed. If you could change the colors but keep the stuff like the buttons or the seams and stuff that would be very helpful. If you need the original texture ask and i’ll upload it or you could take it from the CS:S shared.gcf. its the T_Artic model.
Link is:
Thanks for any help.


I’ll see what i can do, would you like the vest or not?

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One with and another without the shoulder straps.

Thats really good. i like it with the straps. Could you also put in the foxhound symbol. I forgot to mention it. but its in the one of the reference files.

Got it.