MGS Gray Fox, Sniper Wolf

Hello, i need a model of Gray Fox and Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Solid

Some of Sniper Wolf

Some of Gray Fox

Wait, so do you want the Gray Fox from Oblivion, or the one from MGS?

Also, I thought there was already a model for Gray Fox for Gmod. I know there are a couple of Half-Life models.

And I would like to see Sniper Wolf as well.

this one is for fun ;p and i want from MGS

Yea the Gray fox has been done, but not the MGS one.

All that has been made is a reskin of the Stealth suit from Fallout 3. Which is made to look like Gray Fox.

Although Brawl has a suitable model, and LuigiMario is (or WAS) porting from that game. Try asking him to port it? Out of all the models, I believe that would be the easiest to port. All needed is finger-posing and rigging.

it’s just a reskin, but It’s quite good

this one is too red, its must be more orange

I like how you appreciate someone helping you by saying that its too red and now you wont download it, it must be orange.

Now im not going to make it orange for you.

I’m sure you wouldn’t have done it anyways.

It is an ugly version of him anyways so I can see why he wouldn’t want it.

Yeah, i was just jokin’

But im serious on this, if i can spare the time, i will see if i can skin the spiderman model for grey fox, or something of that nature, maybe change the phys to the stealth suit, maybe.