MGS, MGS2, MGS3 and MGS4 Snakes

I want all the MGS saga Snakes playermodels (i know taht one is done, but it it strange, so dont say that its one already done, okay?)


God its as if no one reads the stickyed rules post!!!

Does anyone even know its there???!!!

For the reason that I support this, I’ll give reference materials.

Snake ala MGS1 []( snake/Keyni_01/BadASS/solid_snake-2.gif?o=117)

Snake ala MGS2 []( snake/Metal_Stick/SNAKE-1.jpg?o=26)

Snake ala MGS3 []( snake/nildrohain454/snake10.jpg?o=46)

Snake ala MGS4 []( snake/davidneo/oldsnake.jpg?o=20)

I think S-Low has the mgs 4 snake and mgs2 snake is on

i doubt anyone has MGS4 snake.

there is however a MGS2 snake floating about… cause MGS2 was the only MGS released on PC.

MGS1 was too, but modern machines can’t run it.

that’s right, but the models were just block people… kinda useless.

MGS the remake on cube runs on the dolphin emu… so technically yea, MGS1 models can be captured. but honestly, who’s actually ripped them?

How about this Snake?

that was modelled by someone a few years ago in the UT3 modding scene. I remember it well cause snake’s body had a fucked up proportion… it was impressive, but weird.

but yeah ok there is a MGS4 snake model (unofficial) but again nobody has the official MGS4 models. Say please!!! Its only Old Snake

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I know i realized that about 20 mins after i posted that, Lol, funny stuff

Well you only posted it 10 minutes ago, so…

Do anyone read the word “playermodel”?
I already have that model ._.