MGS MSF Soldier & Stun Rod

[release]MGS MSF Soldier & Stun Rod

Included is a soldier of the MSF from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Also included is the Stun Rod as both a seperate model and bodygroup on the soldier (bodygroup 0, subgroup 0/1).[/release]



Credits on the soldier:
Simkas for the base Vietnam soldier model
Nirrti for hacking it all together, modeling the shoulder pads, and doing nearly the entire project
Lt_C for the custom balaclava and shouder pad textures

Credits for the stunrod:
Modeled by Nirrti
Textured by Lt_C

G11 not included.

the stun rod looks like a rifle with all the parts stripped off

You’ve made my life even easier, thank you.

Awesome work pal! :smiley:

Holy Shit awesome))))
Good Work)

Well, I finally got off my arse and actually finished the hack, didn’t I.

The only thing I would say is to make the female model too. Gotta love them females.

BTW: Could you make Big Boss Or Any of the Main characters? Not Oceanica. But like, Cecile, or the Female commander?

That looks amazing! Also, where is the G11 from? That looks cool too, and lots of awesome stuff can be hacked onto that stunrod :v

awesome, very interesting looking soldier. I’m glad to see a lot of new stuff being released lately.

Kickass model hacking.

This looks amazing, well done.

The MSF solider is cool but i don’t care for the stun rod, wheres that Badass looking G11?

Lovely release man, thanks. :dance:

Cool, closest looking thing to a MGS1 genome soldier yet, thanks

That stun rod does look like some sort of rifle.

Now all we need are the Peace Sentinels and the Heavies.

I remember seeing that rod in the pimpage thread a long time ago. Glad to see it finally put to use.

wow this is awesome please tell me your going to make more peace walker models.

Awesome model! Is there any way a version without logos could be released for more general usage?