MGS Pack hexed (V1)

I had hexed the MGS Pack from Dr. Cloud.

FPS Link:



------MGS Pack hexed---------

MGS Pack by Dr. Cloud – found at FPS Banana

Hexed by me (Dikey)

Instalation: Put the MGS Folder in Addons in your Garrysmod folder!

Eh ja…


Oh what the hell , Chesty and I were about to make a pack too…Reskinned ones tho…
Blah .

Get an artistic.

Please release said pack.

Thanks man :slight_smile:
Can you make the snake into a playermodel? (or search a real Big Boss and make it)

All in good time.

What are you waiting for!? SHOOT!

That made me smile. Haha.

Thank you so much!

Thanks, I really didn’t feel like hexing all of those models.

i’d like this better if they were wearing some real MGS camo instead of that DoD uniform…still, good job.

Yeah, I’m digging the face and the non-eyepatch and w/ eyepatch but the boots are kinda lame, sorry. But I just prefer if he had his normal black+blue stealth suit from MGS1. However normal camo from MGS3 would look good too with his knee support and rolled up sleeves on olive drab camo.

i don’t make these models, i hexed it only