mgs RISING sword

simply… make a sword that can cut props… and maybe people. i know it’s possible now. and that you could choose where to cut.

Sure, make a model for it and then all the models for every prop in the game in all imaginable shapes and sizes so you can just spawn those when you cut the prop.

In short, the Source engine was never designed to do this.

Why couldn’t someone just make a modification of the prop clip tool released a while back?

The sword would do something like this:

  1. Detect Prop
  2. Clip prop at location and angle.
  3. Spawn detected prop normally
  4. Clip second prop exactly opposite.
  5. Position second prop to be where it should.

Would that not work?

It would be do-able, but i’d rather call it a Crash Sword

If I ever get permission to use the code, I’d use it for this.

and why is that? the tool mentioned above does not crash for me. to jgcx:im pretty sure you can use it, as long as you credit the author.