MGS1 Snake and Ocelot Rig Request (Models Included)

These models were ripped and converted from the PC version of “Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance” using Solidus, and use vertically-flipped textures from the PC version of “Metal Gear Solid Intergral” which were ripped with Unmass.
No magic on my part, just some helpful resources I had at hand.

However, bones are currently unrippable using Solidus. So I’m hoping that someone could port and rig these models.
I can also supply alternative textures for these character’s different appearances in Metal Gear Solid Intergral, though not their alternative models.
If anyone is interested, please send me a private message. You can then post the rigging progess of the models here if you wish.

(I’d also like to thank Turfster and mirex for their generously contributed programs to the internet.)

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Isnt there already someone ripping all the MGS models? Well, I know there is. Check this out.

Yeah they’ve made some progress since I last saw it but he hasn’t released the MGS1 pack…

Anddd, he’s not porting them to gmod cause he doesnt know how :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Then he should ask somebody…

Yeah. But I kinda want this MGS1 snake too. So Pixel Snake can meet gamecube graphics snake lol.

These models came from the PC version of “Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance”, and share no relevance to Frankaster’s thread.
The idea of porting and rigging these two models was that they have a more nostalgic graphic style, which players of the original Metal Gear Solid will remember.

I agree on this.

Well sure, they’d also remember the pixel Snake if they played MGS4 :stuck_out_tongue: