MGS2 gurlukovich soldier

Well, pretty self explanatory.

Ported it already, though I had a link on g-mod, it’s gone… Will re-upload once I find it’s file.

Oh and it’s just the soldier, no accessories.

I just need to reskin and headhack it:

Credits to Rusty for the National Guard Soldiers.
I just need to find a head that is nearly like the soldier’s helmet.

PS: The sad thing is that, I only have 1 more day of MilkShape.

Wow, Cool, but remember they dont seem to use any gear, only their suspenders.

but… the guardsman looks strikingly like an MGS2 Seal team 6:

I’d rather have it without accesories.

the ‘another day’ files have mgs2 ports among other things

Oh you cheap, dirty…

Those look just like my Zanzibar Guards,

EDIT: It turns out, the file that T_T crai2 was talking about does have the soldier in it.

The soldiers would look better in goldsource :expressionless:

but, CrzyMLC, if you headhacked onto them, I could skin them.

Alright then, so no gear then?

why not just head hack the arctics head?

artic head doesnt have two eyeholes

Now all we need is an AKS-74U.

Hopefully someone ported the one from STALKER and reskinned it.

the problem is that moskito’s models have a 3 holes baclava… The seal models have a 1 hole baclava and the gurluckovitch get a 2 hole baclava.

but mosquito’s are easier to cover the mouth. I believe NO models exist with a 2 hole balaclava. but if there are, well, show me.

or if it doesnt look good, well i guess headhacking the original mgs2 models head into the guardsman model and improving the texture will have to do.

yeah, that could be a solution…

The truth is, it may be the best, because there are no other goofy looking russian tanker hats around or FPSB

Or you could just reskin the mask and cover the mouth.

yeah that’s a better idea :stuck_out_tongue:

would look awkwad. look on FPSB the terrorists which have their mouths covered. they are just painted on so it looks damn weird.

They dont look port/rip worthy IMHO, a re-skin of the MW2 paras w/ this camo would be awesome though

CrzyMLC’s National guard re-skin looks damn fine too

Yo guys i found this on

But the GRU soldier hasn’t the same camo but the head is perfect! (I mean his head on the body you’re working on and that’s good! :slight_smile: )