MGS2 Solidus Snake

Hi everyone

I started converting some MGS2 stuff to be used in Gmod a couple of years ago, but due to how horrendously difficult it is to get the meshes to a worthy state I didn’t carry it on for long.

So a couple of weeks back I had another crack at it, beginning with Solidus.

When the meshes are pulled out of the MGS2 archives their ‘bind pose’ has the arms relaxed to the side of the body, and actually pushed into it. This makes it fairly difficult to rig to a valve skeleton so i’ve had to move some verts about.

In addition, all the textures used aren’t on a sheet, they appear to be seperate and their dimensions aren’t powers of two either (odd sizes like 16x30). This makes it very difficult because for one mesh you’ll have ~60 textures to work with, and they all need resizing so the source engine can handle them.

I decided to re-uv solidus so its one sheet but my unwrapping skills aren’t the best and the biggest problem is i’m no texture artist.

Woops, first rigging test didn’t work as planned
I finally got him compiled and working as a replacement for male01

Things like face posing I could do at a later date, but for now i’d like to get him properly textured. Anyone willing to lend a hand?

I Sure will man here’s his textures just remember to give credit :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for that!

Literally this second I just realised how much of an idiot i’ve been. All this time I assumed all the textures were only available individually, till you showed me that and I realised they are already on a sheet to begin with! I’d been converting them wrong this whole time.

You’ve no idea how much time you’ve saved me haha, i’ll be sure to credit once I get something working :slight_smile:

haha, np anything for solidus :D, also how did you manage to get his model like that? its amazing O.0

Its quite time consuming to get him like that, theres probably much easier methods but so far the process i’ve used has served me well.

I begin by dumping the mesh into obj format with solidus (the program, not the character), then import it straight into max. Next the mesh needs to be cleaned up, so everything gets converted to an editable poly (which always messes things up), I then select all the verts, break and weld. Fortunately this manages to fix the majority of the horrendous smoothing errors that appear, although sometimes I have to manually fix things myself.

Once thats done all the objects get grouped together to make one mesh, I then re-weld all the verts so all parts are joined up. I don’t bother playing with the smoothing groups as these models are too low-poly for me to care about and the textures are meant to do most of the work anyway.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a way to make the ripped mesh use the sheet texture because when its exported each body part is told to look for its own texture (all of which are on the sheet, but I don’t think its UV’d as a whole mesh…if that makes any sense). I’ve found a way thats quicker than what I did before, but it’ll still take me a while to get it sorted.

oh i see, and if you do plan to port more mgs2 protagonists/antagonists i will be happy to support textures :3

I have plans to do more than this, i’ll just have to see how this one goes first

Sounds awesome man, keep on it haha

nice job (:

I has an update!

So I got all the textures remapped to the sheet one provided by Elite Phazon and this is the result.

Theres still a few points on the mesh where I need to break and re weld the verts to sort the smoothing errors out, not too much though, then I can get onto rigging it.


And ive just noticed that hole in the back of solidus’ left shoulder…

god that looks so cool, and np man :smiley:

Shame it’s such a low-poly model.

Back after a weekend of getting shitfaced. I got a moment to sit down at my PC and work some more on this, and now its rigged!

I want to try and get the ‘snake arms’ and eye patch sorted too, maybe some better hands and sort face posing out.

By the way, anyone know how to render alpha channels? I can’t remember how its done…

hows the progress?

Progress has been a bit slow, works taking up all my time, then when I did get to work on this I found some better hands, ones with posable fingers rather than some club hand. So I added it on, deleted half the bones somehow(?), rerigged with the new hands, forgot to reposition the verts of the new hands so when I assigned the fingers to the bones they turned spastic in HLMV…

I’ve been working on it frantically since I got back home today though, I won’t let this defeat me :slight_smile: If I can get the rig sorted tonight then hopefully it, and the other solidus-related items will be ready for release soon!

Take your time, if you rush it you mind end up making mistakes.

Wow, that’s pretty awesome. Good job so far! Looking forward to the final results.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

So i’ve been battling on with it, I reverted to using the more rubbish hands because they’re easier to work with. They’re rigged now and work with the finger poser, only issue is the index finger doesn’t straighten out fully, but i’ve had enough of that. I’ve no idea how to add eye posing, so untill I can work that one out his eyes will be static, and face posing i’m truely terrible at :frowning:

I also played with phong, but he’s a bit shiney!


What do you guys think?

So this is going to be a Ragdoll and an NPC? Is it a playermodel too?

some better normal maps could make that look pretty damn nice