MGS4 Big Boss

is there anyone out that can port or make Big Boss From Metal Gear Solid 4
SPoiler alert
just in case

sadly i dont have a full body pic
that and a Mgs2 and 4 of snake

Support. I know there is a model from SSBB that can be found here, but it needs to be compiled (and possibly re-rigged, not 100% sure on that though). Aside from that, the MGS2 version of Snake is pretty much done and ready to go since Brawl used MGS2 styled look for Snake.

MGS4 not possible to get stuff from, incomplete script was made and never released.

yeah good luck on that mgs4 unless you can goto xentax and convince chroxx to keep working on that script you can forget about it

I’m still sad that nobody did models of Metal Gear Solid 1. So many things we could have done with them but no.

Wasn’t there a model pack here somewhere for the MGS: The Twin Snakes models? Or am I just imagining that?

If I remember right there was a entire model thread where a bunch of people had no idea what they were doing and just showed off things they ripped, someone was kinda enough to give us the MGS2 models and, the others models ripped from other MGS games they held onto or showed off some more until they disappeared.

I actually remember that thread. Must be where I’m remembering the Twin Snakes models from.

Was the worst derailment in a thread i’ve ever seen, I got as far as porting ninja and that was about it after that and the thread being swarmed with fallout 3 and gta ports I lost all motivation…

I dont even remember you porting stuff lol, your right that must of been some derailment, I do remember all the fallout 3 stuff wondering what it had to do with gmod, he was just showing off fO3 mods.

if someone has already made a mgs2 snake from ssb would someone post a link?
and mostly this thread i just wanted Big Boss from Mgs4 my most favorite character out of the series.
srry to “bump” my own thread just responding